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Welcome to Avatar Rewatch! - Avatar: The Last Airbender Rewatch

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April 21st, 2008

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02:12 pm - Welcome to Avatar Rewatch!
Greetings, fellow Avatards! Ready to pretend like everything is actually airing again and like AWS doesn't actually exist? ^_^.

Some important info for the members:

-Be sure to read the rules in the community info so you are clear on how posting works, what the different types of entries entail, and how to get in touch with the mods if you have any questions or concerns.

-The current rewatch is for Book One: Water, and will begin Friday April 25th at approximately 8pm MST (Mountain Standard Time).

-If you do not have access to the Book One DVDs, visit http://www.avatarchapters.org/book1water.html or http://www.watchavatar.cc/ to view the episodes online. (However, if you can, please buy the DVDs? Support the show and ensure that despite Nickelodeon's efforts, it will make enough money that we might get new series later on? ^_^.)

Enjoy the show, everyone!

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