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Avatar: The Last Airbender Rewatch

The Avatar: The Last Airbender Group Rewatch Commu
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A community for the occasional mass rewatch of Avatar episodes
Welcome everyone to the official Avatar: The Last Airbender group episode rewatch community! There will be three types of things posted in this community; episode discussion posts for each individual episode each rewatch for everyone to discuss the episode itself in order (ie "spoiler"-free), posts for each episode where members can dicuss cool things they've noticed that pertain to events later in the series (ie "spoilerific" discussions), and fanfic and fanart created for the occasional episode prompt. Currently, we are rewatching the entirety of Book One: Water, with the first episode discussion post being posted at 8:00pm MST on Friday April 25th. Each subsequent week will have a new episode post at the same time, with multi-part episodes like the series premiere and the Winter Solstice arc considered as one episode with one discussion post. Want to join in and fight off that season 3 case of AWS? Join on up!

This community has moderated posting: with the exception of fanfic and fanart posts related to the prompts, only moderators have posting access in this community for the sake of keeping this rewatch-specific. We will okay all of the fanfic and fanart prompt entries that come through so long as they have proper warnings on them, but no other posts will be allowed by community members. If you have any questions, please contact jupiter_star or one of the other moderators and we will happily answer them!

The Rules

1. Be respectful!
Above all, be respectful of your moderators and especially your fellow community members. Disagreements and debates are welcome, but no outright insults to other community members or unnecessary drama or fighting.

Example: "This episode is so totally full of Zutara-ness!"
"I personally don't see it. I really don't think Katara and Zuko have enough basis for a relationship like that." -ALLOWED

"This episode is so totally full of Zutara-ness!"
"Are you stupid or something? No way that's ever happening. Get over it already, you delusional loser!!" -NOT ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES

Basically, if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything.

2. No spoilers in the episode-specific discussions.
Some of us want to rewatch the series as if it is totally new, or just want to discuss the way the story builds up without necessarily refering to later episodes. Because of this, certain posts will request that there be no spoilers beyond the episode being discussed in the timeline. Please be respectful of this. Nonspecific comments are okay, but nothing explicit. There will be a second post each night at 10pm MST for discussions containing "spoilers," so please save them for there!

Example: (After "The Boy in the Iceberg") "I love how much Sokka grows over the course of the series after what a dork he is in this episode." -ALLOWED

"It's neat to see how much Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors improve Sokka's fighting abilities. He totally couldn't have run the invasion of the Fire Nation without the foundation they offer." -NOT ALLOWED (though very interesting...just save it for the spoiler posts!)

3. Don't complain about spoilers in the series-centric discussion posts.
Conversely, as the second post of the night of each episode rewatch will be completely open for talking about how things look in the context of knowing everything that will happen later in the series, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. Not just spoilers for the following episodes, but for the entire series aired at that time. Therefore, don't complain about people posting spoilers in those discussions...it is assumed that there will be spoilers in there already. You have been warned.

4. Only fanworks pertaining to the prompts are allowed in this community.

5. Properly label all of your fanworks with rating and any warnings that might be needed before posting.
To be safe, please put a rating on your fanfic and warnings about any violence, swearing, or romantic or sexual situation that may arise in your fanfic and fanart when posting your prompt responses, so that people who may not want to read certain things have fair warning before. In addition, please put all fanworks beneath an LJ-cut, even harmless ones, just to save space on people's Friends Lists and cut down on loading time for members with slower connections.

Recommended Posting Format:
Title- Title of you fanwork goes here
Author- You
Prompt- Which prompt you are writing for
Characters/Pairings- What might be featured in this work
Rating- Give some sort of rating for the fic here, either MPAA, other international rating system, or FF.net ratings
Warnings- Notes on any questionable aspects of this fic
(For fics) Summary- A short description of your fic
(For art) Media- What you used to create this art

6. Contact the moderators if you have any questions or problems within this community.
We're here to help you! Plus, this helps keep any drama from popping up in the comments and whatnot.

Happy watching!